Beloved Community

A six-session series of discussions and guided exercises as well as brief presentations offered by the Sufi Way.

First Sunday of each month, January 3 - June 6

5 pm UK

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In order to help cover the costs of Zoom webinar and RegFox registration, we are asking for a donation of £20 for the series. As always, no one will be turned away because of an inability to pay. If you are not able to pay the full price for your session(s), please email Carol at If you need to pay with bank transfer, contact Simon at

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  • ALL SIX SESSIONS - January 3 - June 6.

    The All Six Sessions option offers a discount for paying for all six 2021 sessions at once. No need to also register for any of the single £4 sessions individually.

    Price £20.00

  • January 3 - Original You [Sold Out]

    This session has already taken place.

    Price £0.00

  • February 7 - Wonder

    Be interested in everything. Wise words. Learning never ends; information abounds. Microscopic and macroscopic seem limitless in their reach. An abundance of knowing. We wonder and then we enter wonder. The wonder of it all is to recognize that we never really know what is going on.

    Price £4.00

  • March 7 - The Sacred Story

    I sit around my campfire. Alone, not lonely. I have a story to tell. It speaks of bravery and cowardice. It sings of falling and rising. It will tell that I received and gave pain and that I was given and offered redemption. It is the most common of stories, yet not mundane. What is it that makes the story sacred?

    Price £4.00

  • April 4 - Embracing Paradox

    This is this edge we walk: sometimes feeling like a living, breathing oxymoron; contradictory impulses, all rich with certainty, challenge us to look the lie and the truth in the eye. That razor's edge in which our nature expresses itself may lead us into the silence, the stillness, and we may open our arms, offer an embrace. Ours for the being.

    Price £4.00

  • May 2 - The Most Right Thing

    “ right as we can…” calls us to try to do the most right thing. How? Is there a longitude and latitude that can offer a path to that most right thing? Is there a light which will shine on what is truly needed? Where can I find the perfect tone with which to harmonize? Amidst all of this muttering, something awaits remembrance!

    Price £4.00

  • June 6 - Whoosh and Wish

    Whoosh: The generosity of the universe; breathing out is my offering into creation. Wish: The intimacy of communion; breathing in, I accept all that is offered. In the beating heart of this moment I give all I have; in the beating heart of the next moment I receive all there is. I come from one to become many to become one yet again. Beloved Community.

    Price £4.00


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